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Virtual Classes
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Virtual Programs

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Virtual Classes

Our award-winning program is now being taught online. Small class sizes will allow for individual attention. We still incorporate songs, games, dancing, and other hand-on activities so that children are having fun, learning a new language, making friends and developing a Love of Language (LOL!).

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Family Classes

Let's learn together! Gather the family and log on to a fun activity you can do together. We will be learning the basics of the language, singing, dancing, counting, playing games, etc. As a parent, if you have ever wanted to study another language, this class is for you!

Geography Lesson

Private Lessons

One-on-one learning (or 2 if you have a sibling that wants to join) will give your child a unique advantage. The curriculum is set based on their needs and interests. Sign up for Spanish or Mandarin. More languages coming soon.

Everyone Should LOL!


Learning a foreign language is fun and can be easy at a younger age. By starting now, children will have more opportunities available to them later in life. 


Giving your child opportunities, such as learning a foreign language, is important to you...but who has the time to transport them to a class out of town? And now that isn't even an option! Our classes are extremely affordable and delivered directly to your home. (We are parents too and understand what is important to you!) We also work with homeschool families!


The future is unclear for schools and how they might re-open. We understand that an after school program is probably not on the top of your to-do list. Our programs bring language classes to your school without affecting your budget. We handle everything from registration to cleaning up the classrooms. If and when you are ready, contact us to get the discussion started.