Virtual Classes Have Started! 

Level 1 classes will begin learning the basics: numbers, greetings, polite words, colors, shapes, feelings, etc. Level 2 classes will include a review of the basics but will go deeper and have the children having more conversations. Even though we are virtual, LOL for Kids will still be using its award-winning program that is based on the Total Physical Response Method. This method mimics the way babies learn their first language by connecting speech to action/movement. This type of learning environment has been shown to reduce student inhibitions and lower stress. By incorporating movement, song, arts/crafts, reading and games, the children are learning but also having a great time.


So move the coffee table over - because the kids will be moving during our classes!

Below is a class listing for Spring 2020. Our classes begin on May 18 and run through June 19th. These classes are currently in session but you can still join - if there is a register button. The price is $49 and there will be no pro-rated fees.