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Giving Our Children An Advantage

We want our children to be prepared for the global world in front of them. Our award-winning programs will open their minds to learning and embracing other languages and cultures. They will be expanding their educational, social, and future professional opportunities by learning another language. The world is an exciting place and by opening their minds, they will be ready to explore it! 

Those who have learned a second language at a young age demonstrate cognitive advantages, such as increased critical thinking skills and increased creativity. Studies have shown that younger kids begin reading earlier and test scores increase in later years.   

The ages of 0 - 10 are critical. Children at these ages want to learn. They are sponges for information. They are better at mimicking new sounds and adopting pronunciation than are older learners. It is proven that students will be more successful when they begin learning a language at a young age. LOL for Kids has created curriculum for three age groups - elementary school children, preschoolers and babies. 

Classes are being offered in Spanish, Mandarin, French and ASL (American Sign Language).


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90% of European students Grades K-5 learn a second language.


Only 20% of US students (1 in 5 students) take a second language - most of them are in high school.

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