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Our daughters have brought so much joy into our lives. From day one, we have wanted to give them every opportunity and provide every advantage we could for them to succeed and be happy.


As two working professionals, our daughters have been in daycare since they were babies. We searched for daycare providers that would provide foreign language skills but could not find one. When my older daughter entered elementary school, we had hoped that some type of foreign language would be incorporated into the curriculum. 


When we realized that these studies are not introduced until middle school or even high school, we decided we had to do something. Introducing a foreign language is too important for our children to wait that long. 


Toddlers and young children are sponges. You have all heard “why” “why” “why” after everything you have said to your children. They want to learn. They want to understand the world around them.  


Paul works in the marketing industry and has traveled extensively across the world. For the past sixteen years, Kim has owned and operated a nonprofit management firm, where she works with clients from across the globe. Her work has brought her around the world. As most students, she took classes in high school but it didn't "stick." She meets people frequently who are multi-lingual because languages are highly valued and taught daily in other countries' schools. 

With these experiences, we have always wanted to provide our children with the opportunity to broaden their learning, at a young age. And it’s not just learning the language, we want our children to explore other cultures and the world around them. There is so much out there. Without giving them an opportunity to begin on this journey, we are doing them harm. It is with that vision that we founded LOL for Kids. 

We are extremely passionate about our business and want to develop children's love of languages - LOL! When we aren't focused on building our LOL programs, you can find our family exploring the many beaches and hiking trails on Cape Cod. We love movie night, at home in our pajamas! We are proud of our girls who have become quite proficient in Spanish and ASL. 


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