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This is not a typical after school program.

We are changing the way your child views the world.

Children want to learn. They are sponges for information. THIS is the time to introduce foreign languages to them.

Learning a language is an extremely rewarding experience. Our classes build their confidence, which leads to a love of languages (LOL!). Our curriculum has been created using the Total Physical Response Method, which incorporates movement, song, dance, reading, cultural games and stories, poetry, and arts and crafts! Kids are learning the language the way they learned their native language. Did you ever conjugate a verb with your babies??


Our award-winning programs are convenient for parents. Our classes are conducted directly in your child's school, right after the bell rings. There is no need to transport them to another location and take another evening away from the already busy week. Plus, your children will be in a safe environment, where they are already comfortable learning and surrounded by friends and soon-to-be friends. 


Children thrive in the small group settings. This is not individual time in front of a computer screen or sitting with a tutor. They are interacting with friends and learning from each other. It is a time each week they look forward to.


Unique Features of LOL for Kids:
  • Small class sizes so all kids get individualized attention

  • Our teachers are awesome, background-checked & love working with kids 

  • Study guides are sent home so families can practice together

  • Our curriculum has been specifically developed for younger children and keeps them hands-on during each lesson so they remain engaged

  • Classes conclude with a showcase, where children present what they have learned to their families

  • The cost of our program is all-inclusive of all class materials, study guides, and the small group environment which provides more value than private tutors, online services or language schools

Parent Testimonial

"My son is extremely enjoying his time learning Sign Language! Not only is he having fun each and every class, he is teaching my wife and I all he learns when he gets home, and we are blown away by how much he has learned so far! He loves his teacher and classmates and looks forward to Wednesday afternoons each week! Thank you for providing him with this opportunity!" 

Other Information

If your child is enrolled in a school's after school program, we can accompany them to the appropriate room after class and sign them in with the staff. Parents can pick up at that location, per their usual schedule. This needs to be worked out before classes begin.

We offer a sibling discount: Full tuition for the first child; 5% off second child. At this point in time, we do not offer financial scholarships and cannot accept partial payments. 

We also work with homeschool groups. Contact us for classes in your area or to schedule a private class.

Parent Testimonial

"I have searched for Spanish classes for my children but have never found any that were local or convenient for my family. I am so excited to have found LOL for Kids! Thank you for bringing the classes directly to our schools!" 

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