Benefits Of Early Language Learning

Increase Critical Thinking

Research at Harvard University confirms that learning additional languages increases critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of the mind in young children. Children proficient in other languages also show signs of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility. 

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Perform Better In School

It has long been thought that teaching a young child a second language would just confuse them. But research has proven that kids who study a foreign language begin reading earlier and perform better on standardized tests. Plus, they perform better, the earlier they are exposed to the second language.  

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Brain Development

New research shows that even babies less than a year old who are exposed to multiple languages show different cognitive patterns in their brain compared to monolinguals. In fact, some researchers argue that the best way to have smarter kids is to expose them to multiple languages when they are young. 

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It's Fun!

With our curriculum, your child will be learning in a comfortable environment, at their own school with their peers. We incorporate song, dance, reading, poetry, and arts and crafts! Every class has a theme - this is way beyond a vocabulary lesson. 

Build Love Of Learning

Children want to learn. They crave it. Learning a new language is an extremely rewarding experience. They will build confidence and feel proud of what they learn and the giant steps forward they will take. This will lead to a love of learning and a love of languages (LOL!).  

Cultural Appreciation

By learning a foreign language, we are opening doors for our children. They will be able to travel, have additional career opportunities and create a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world around them. 

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