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"When my children were younger, I searched extensively for a Mommy and Me class that we could take together and learn a language. There was nothing near me. It provides an educational advantage for the children but it would have been fun to learn together." - Jennifer


Let's Learn Together!
Why should babies learn another language?

Harvard University research proves that creativity, critical thinking skills, and flexibility of the mind are significantly enhanced if children learn a second language at a younger age. The first three years of life are believed to be a vital period for this type of learning. 


University of Washington research shows not only are very young children capable of learning multiple languages, but early childhood is the optimum time for them to begin. They say, "if you want your child to know more than one language, it’s best to start at an early age, before she even starts speaking her first language. It won’t confuse your child, and it could even give her a boost in other forms of cognition."

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