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Preschool years, especially the first three years of life, are believed to be the best time to start learning a foreign language. Studies by Harvard University show that creativity, critical thinking skills, and flexibility of the mind are significantly enhanced if children learn a second language at a younger age. Find out how to get LOL into your daycare.

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After School Enrichment 

Studies tell us that learning a foreign language is most successful before puberty. Most of our After School Programs are taught directly within your child's school. We bring together small groups to learn through song, games, interactive projects, poetry and arts and crafts. At the end of the session, children host a showcase for their families. 

Mommy and Me Language Class

LOL for Little Ones

Babies are ready to communicate long before they actually can form words. Their brains are incredible, which makes it possible to introduce another language. These fun, interactive "story time setting" classes teach through music, reading, puppet shows, dancing and games. One parent/caregiver joins the child. 

Everyone Should LOL!


Learning a foreign language is fun and can be easy at a younger age. By starting now, children will have more opportunities available to them later in life. 


Giving your child opportunities, such as learning a foreign language, is important to you...but who has the money for a private tutor or language school? And the time to transport them to a class out of town? Our classes are affordable and delivered directly to your school or at a location close to you. (We are parents too and understand what is important to you!) We also work with homeschool families!


Funding is tight and time during the school day is already accounted for...so where does foreign language fit in? Our programs bring language classes to your school without affecting your budget. We handle everything from registration to cleaning up the classrooms. Want to bring LOL to your school? Contact us to get the discussion started.