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Learning a language at a young age is good for brain development. See what the experts are saying:

What Does Research Show About The Benefits of Language Learning? - American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Early Language Learning and Literacy: Neuroscience Implications for Education - Mind Brain Education

Learning a second language is good childhood mind medicine, studies find - Cornell University

The Linguistic Genius of Babies - TED Talk

"I don't need to learn a language because the rest of the world speaks English." 

75% of people outside the US don't speak English.

- NPR interview with the 

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Outside of the United States
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According to Pew Research Center, "learning a foreign language is a nearly ubiquitous experience for students throughout Europe, driven in part by the fact that most European countries have national-level mandates for formally studying languages in school. No such national standard exists in the U.S., where requirements are mostly set at the school district or state level. 


Across Europe, students typically begin studying their first foreign language as a required school subject between the ages of 6 and 9. Furthermore, studying a second foreign language for at least one year is compulsory in more than 20 European countries."

Organizations to reference:
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